Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register on rushsmiles.com?

Is registration on rushsmiles.com free?

Does RushSmiles™ charge a monthly fee?

Can I place orders in any store or for any goods?

How do I place an order in an American store and ship it to my RushSmiles™ address?

Why do I need to register the incoming package containing my order on the RushSmiles™ website, and how do I do this correctly?

How do I know RushSmiles™ has received the package with my order?

What additional services can I request?

How do I complete a customs declaration form?

How long can I store my purchases at RushSmiles?

How do I create an outgoing package and authorize it to be shipped to my address?

Do you have parcel insurance?

What payment options does RushSmiles have?

How can I save even more money while shopping?

Can I purchase products from different stores in one Assisted Purchase order?

How to choose the right size in U.S. stores?

How do I add discount codes to my Assisted Purchase order?

What is the sales tax?

What is the cost of shipping within the U.S.?

How do I check the status of my Assisted Purchase order after placing it on RushSmiles™?

What happens if some items are out of stock at the time of placing of my Assisted Purchase order?

Why were some items not purchased in my Assisted Purchase order even though the store lists them as in stock?

If I have another U.S. address, can you help me purchase from a store that does not accept my foreign credit card?

Where can I leave feedback regarding the service I received from RushSmiles™?

Please contact us at sales@rushsmiles.com with any other questions.