How to Place an Order

RushSmiles™ provides residents of any country with an affordable, easy and fun way to shop online in the U.S.!


Register on our site by entering your name, email address, your destination shipping address, phone and password. Please read and accept our Terms & Conditions by checking the appropriate field.

After registering, you will receive your free American address to which you will be able to shop at American stores that do not ship to your country. You can also consolidate multiple purchases in one parcel to substantially reduce delivery costs.

Please note: we do not accept nor ship the following prohibited items.


To get started:

  • Select the specific items you’d like to buy in any American online store and place them in a shopping cart (be sure characteristics such as size, color and quantity are correct).
  • Most stores have a “Checkout” button that you will need to press to progress to their payment section.
  • Once at the payment section, enter your details such as name, email, shipping address and billing address. Use your RushSmiles™ address as the shipping address, and the address that corresponds to your payment card as the billing address.
  • Enter your credit card details or make your payment through PayPal.
  • The store will email you an order confirmation with all details. When the store ships your order, they will also email you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.

Once you receive your shipping confirmation from the store:

  • Register the incoming package containing your order, enter tracking number, and complete a customs declaration form. If the store shipped your order in multiple packages, register each of them separately.
  • We will email you once we receive your incoming package. At this point, you can also request photos of your order and/or invoices to help you confirm what the store shipped is correct.

Once you are ready to ship your goods to your address:

  • Confirm all incoming packages you’d like to consolidate have arrived and you’ve completed the necessary customs declaration forms.
  • Select any additional services as you wish. These include: removal of unnecessary material (shoe boxes, catalogs, paper inserts etc.) to reduce weight and shipping cost; keep the original postal packaging; add bubble wrap for additional protection of fragile goods etc.
  • Go to the “Incoming packages” tab, select any packages with the “At RushSmiles” status that you’d like to consolidate, and select "Add to outgoing package".
  • Save a draft of the outgoing package details, select an address and shipping method, and select "Consolidate and pack”.
  • Within 1-2 business days, your goods will be carefully and accurately packed in a new package, and we will inform you of its readiness to ship to you, along with its exact weight.
  • Pay all of package expenses, including shipping from the United States and any additional services you ordered.
  • Select "Send a package" to send the package to your address. Within 1-2 business days we will send you the tracking number for your convenience.


We provide a service called “Assisted Purchase” that helps your purchase from stores that do you not accept non-American credit cards. To place a new Assisted Purchase order, click the "New Order" button, select items from any U.S. store and complete the order form by entering the names of goods you want to buy, links to the goods in the corresponding online store, desired color, size and price. If you want to order more than one item, click the "Add new item” button and enter the next position.

  • If you need to leave a comment to the order or specify replacement of an item, click "Add note" or "Add substitution".
  • Please include the cost of shipping within the U.S., as well as any discounts you would like to apply to your order. Please enter any coupon codes in the order notes. We actively seek additional discounts when placing each order, and refund you the difference.
  • Please select the type of your order: Assisted Purchase(we place your order in the store, receive it in our warehouse and then send the order to your address); Express Assisted Purchase (we only place your order in stores that do not accept cards issued outside the U.S.; the store ships your order directly to the address you provide. Whomever receives your order (e.g. your mail forwarding company) will ship your order from the U.S.

To place an order, click the "Place an Order" button. You will be redirected to the “Choose Shipping Address" page and then to "Pay for Order" page, where you can verify the details of your order. If everything is correct, click "Refill Balance". After that you will be redirected to the "New payment" page, where you can make a payment by clicking on the "Pay" button - this will forward you to PayPal.

Following your payment, and within one business day, we will place your Assisted Purchase order and send you a confirmation with your stores order number and all other details.

For Assisted Purchase orders, we will inform you of your parcels arrival at our warehouse and creation of incoming package. Then you will be able to fill out customs declaration, order additional services, consolidate several incoming packages in one outgoing, and authorize shipping to your destination address.

For Express Assisted Purchase, we will forward you the tracking number as soon as we receive it from the store.

  • You can enter multiple shipping addresses in your accounts address book, and select which address to use for each order you place.
  • Since we process each store separately, please create separate Assisted Purchase orders for each store you would like to purchase from.

If you have any other questions, please read our FAQ or email us.

RushSmiles™ — an affordable, easy and fun way to shop online in the U.S.!