Our Rates


  • Providing your own American address – free of charge.
  • Storage of your incoming packages on RushSmiles™ warehouse for up to 60 days – free of charge.
  • Consolidate multiple incoming packages into a single outgoing package to reduce shipping cost from the USA – free of charge.
  • Packing outgoing packages in new cardboard boxes in accordance with international shipping standards – free of charge.
  • Storage of your consolidated outgoing parcels on RushSmiles™ warehouse for up to 7 days – free of charge.
  • Keep the packing materials in which the package arrived from the online store – free of charge.
  • Removing online stores paper inserts such as invoices and catalogs – free of charge.
  • Accepting your incoming package to RushSmiles™ warehouse in the USA and its identification – $4 per 1 incoming package.
  • Store incoming packages on RushSmiles™ warehouse within 61-180 days – $0.50 per day starting from the 61st day.
  • Store consolidated outgoing packages on RushSmiles™ warehouse within 8-30 days – $2 per day, starting from the 8th day.
  • Taking pictures of incoming packages:
    • Address label – $1
    • Paper inserts and documents from online stores (invoices, coupons, etc.) – $2
    • The contents of the packages – $4
  • Removing extra packaging such as shoe boxes for weight optimization – $1 per incoming package.
  • Additional packing materials (such as bubble wrap) for protection of fragile goods – $5 per incoming package.
  • Additional plastic bag for outgoing packages packing – $2 per outgoing package.
  • Shipping rates – see here

Assisted Purchases and Express Assisted Purchases:

Assisted Purchase
Your order will be shipped to RushSmiles™ warehouse first and then forwarded to your destination address
Express Assisted Purchase
Your order will be shipped to any American address not affiliated with RushSmiles™**
Our Commission 6%,
min. $15 for one order in one store (for orders with 25 items or more, min. commission is $0.6 per item)*
Commission is based on Cost of goods with any discounts*** before sales tax and shipping costs
Our commission includes the following services:
Placing your order in a store
Providing order confirmation
Providing your order’s tracking number
(Providing your orders tracking number if received from seller)
Cost of these services is not included in our commission and charged at cost:
Sales tax 0% for clothes and shoes, 6% for other categories (if charged by the store) In accordance with sales tax rates of the States shipping address
Stores usually do not charge sales tax if they do not have a physical presence in the State where the order is shipped
U.S. shipping cost Based on store rates (often free of charge)
Payment systems processing fee 4.4% + $0.30

* If you use links in your order form that do not lead to the stores actual website (commonly occuring with annonimizers), our commission will be double the standard rate.

** RushSmiles™ is not responsible for performance of other mail forwarding companies.

*** If you provide a discount code in your order, our commission is calculated based on cost of goods with discounts. In the event we find and apply discounts you did not specify, we reserve the right to charge a commission based on cost of goods before such discounts (savings from such discounts will be refunded to your balance regardless).